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“I’m not a girl,
I’m a storm with skin.”

Patras, Greece

Γράμμα σε μια άγνωστη


Είσαι απέναντι μου εδώ και ώρα, το βλέπω οτι με κοιτάς,σε κοιτάω κι εγω. Μάλλον είσαι μικρότερη από μένα γύρω στα 17, φοράς τσάντα φροντιστηρίου και έχεις και κάτι αλλα βιβλία στο χέρι. Έχεις αυτό το άγχος στα ματια σου, το ξέρω, το είχα κι εγω… Πας ή γυρνας από το φροντιστήριο, ποιος ξέρει….


0021 by Kazuhiko Miyata on Flickr.




This photo was taken over 20 years ago by Todd Robertson during a KKK rally in northeast Georgia. One of the boys approached a black state trooper, who was holding his riot shield on the ground. Seeing his reflection, the boy reached for the shield, and Robertson snapped the photo.
I think the officer’s expression says it all. This child standing before him is being taught how to hate even though he doesn’t understand it. He probably doesn’t understand the difference between this and Halloween.

If any post on my blog gets really big, I hope it’s this one.

this is really fucking sad
i think of everything we learn without even noticing


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